Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LIBERATION: And the award goes to....

This morning I woke up to news of this years Academy Award nominees I must say Im happy No Country for Old Men got major nods, along with Vigo Mortossen for Eastern Promises and Ruby Dee for American Gangster. But after Kathy Bates and some Academy head finished the announcements. My excitement turned sour as I came to realize that one movie had been completely and suprisingly absent from the nominees. THE GREAT DEBATERS. Correct me if Im wrong but normally the movies that tend to get the nomination are end of the year hits. Which the Great Debaters was even though it had a slow opening at the box office. But this movie was critically acclaimed, its not a review I read that didnt give it four stars. I was going to write a review for the Pub Report but it was already written before my hands could touch the keyboard. Thats how much it inspired people. This was an important film, and a very good one at that. Im starting to think politics played a role in this, seeing how its produced by Oprah, but maybe Im crazy. Im not trying to discredit any of the other nominees from what I saw they were all good films, im still excited to see There Will Be Blood which I think will compete heavy with No Country, with Atonement maybe popping up somewhere in there. But there could've been room for one more.

Take back your righteous mind, and go see the movie if you havent already

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