Monday, December 24, 2007

LIFE: Merry Christmas

I remember when I was younger, I used to go to sleep at like 7pm on Christmas Eve. Just to wake up 6am Christmas day. Being with family was always the best part, of course after I opened and played with all my gifts. It was the last thing to do. Have a good holiday. Enjoy family and the gifts.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

FILM: Death of the Chocolate Bunny

I saw this today on one my friends blogs and thought it was cool.

The film is called 'Chocolade haas' it is an episode from a preschool art project called 'Big Art For Little People', made by Lernert Engelberts en Sander Plug,
The series is produced by Cut-n-Paste for KRO Youth, in association with Dutch Culture Fund (Stifo).

Filmmaker, Marcus McDougald Said About the Film:

"Pretty cool hugh? I dug it a lot in its simplicity yet its ability to draw strong emotion from me. That is what I believe to be the highest accomplishment in art. simple yet emotive."


For those who didnt know, Im a journalist too, in addition to shooting video for Rolling Out I just recently started doing music and movie reviews for The Pub Report

Check it out:

More to come.

Friday, December 7, 2007

LIFE: Time of the Season

The snow is back. Along with the sleet, puddles, and chilling winds. I love this time of the year, its something you can only really experience in Chicago. No other winter is like this. From chilly, to cold, to freezing the temperatures fall with the flakes. It gets better every year.

A cold night last winter waiting on the train. Photo by Britt Richardson

Thursday, December 6, 2007

THE DOPE SHIT: Enstrumental Clothing

Chicago based, creative clothing line 'Enstrumental' is dope. Their t-shirts are sold in boutiques all over the city and online.


Just when I thought black people could come together to support the man that just might be our next president. I read an article about how Jesse Jackson talked about how Barack wasn't for the people and now I hear that civil rights activist Andrew Young had something to say about his maturity taking on the presidency. Come on black folk can we at least support a man who just might make history and accomplish something that Jesse and Al didnt. If not at least Oprah is on his side. Good Luck Obama.

LIFE: Oh yeah...I got a movie coming out.

This past summer I produced a film along with first time actor Nick Medina and first time director Darrell Robbins. DP'd by Britt Richardson. We are shooting the feature length version of the film next summer. But in the mean time check out the short BETWEEN WESTERN & CALIFORNIA coming to theatres 2008.

FILM: The Art and Crimes of Ron English

I stumbled upon this doc about a year ago. I just recently found out that it will be screening at Chicago Filmmakers soon. Ron English is one of the inspirations behind ADBUSTERS. You should check this out.