Sunday, April 6, 2008

THE DOPE SHIT: Swarovski Crystalized Male and Female Skulls

I saw this on a art auction site ( and couldnt believe it.

The creator of these works of art is Quinn Gregory.

"While the artist was a lawyer for several years; approximately four years ago he was diagnosed with a rare heart disease. This diagnosis altered Quinn’s life in many ways. Naturally, it forced Quinn to focus on death and how our Society deals with death. Quinn strongly believes that our bodies are merely shells we use while here on Earth (nothing more or less). He believes that the human skeleton is innately beautiful. He also loves the extremes of death (in the form of a human skull) and bejeweling it with colorful Swarovski Crystals. Each original and limited Quinn Gregory Skull contains somewhere between 8,500 to 12,500 crystals. Each skull is obviously unique and ‘re-named’ by the artist. While there are a few Quinn Gregory Skulls shown herein, alternative colors and combinations of the Swarovski Crystals used are available by custom order." (capucines)

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Lanelle said...

Yea these are some dope skulls!! Amir you are always finding some exclusive shit!!