Friday, February 15, 2008

FILM: Flashing Lights Music Video

So today i saw the new Kanye vid for the song 'Flashing Lights'. I been anticipating this video since I heard he was doing it, along with that he got Spike Jonze to direct it. But then I watched it....

Creatively I see where Kanye is trying to take the art of music videos. But as a fan I hated this vid. It could've been so much more. Where's the flickering lights? the neon lights? the glow in the dark performance shot? All the things I wanted and waited to see. I searched all over to see if there was an alternate cut, but nothing. This video just raised the bar for me as a director.

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mona said...

Lil cuz i totally feel you on that, with the beat to that song I was expecting some flashing lights and ish.. but nada. Like u said i can see where he was going with it but it had so much more potential to be one of those GREAT videos but it was a big disappointment in my book. Mayb he'll do a remix and suprise and please the fans of the song who wanted more- we can only hope. BTW- u should allow anyone to comment and take off the word thingy-those are annoying.